Thursday, April 21, 2011


Entre Nouz really enjoys this brand of shoes! Not just because they are stylish, soft, and comfortable but because these shoes have so many plusses!

They come in many colors and patterns for women, children and men, and the style is very casual, so they can be worn with almost any options. However, what must be noted is that this brand also has a charitable aspect. You look and feel great in well designed pairs of shoes and for each pair you buy you are giving a pair of shoes to a child who desperately needs them

The “One for One” movement is catching on! 
Celebrities like Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightly, Bono and many more are jumping on the TOMS bandwagon.  Not only are they promoting the shoes by wearing them, they are also offering more stylish designs for them.

The brains behind the TOMS shoe phenomenon is Blake Mycoskie.  He created a company that produces quality shoes aimed to meet the needs of any budget, but with a philanthropic twist.  More recently, he has  targeted more luxury consumers with limited edition shoes available at Bergdorf, Neiman Marcus and Nordstroms just to name a few stores.  One example of a high-end TOMS shoe was created with a blend of cashmere and luxe wool.  There are also bridal editions -  tux and glitter or pastels to meet the needs of low key nuptials. All still generously part of the “One for One” cause.  As of 2010, TOMS has donated more than 1 million shoes to people in need.

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