Friday, March 25, 2011

Blake Lively: The New Face For Chanel Mademoiselle Handbags!

Not only is the star of the highly popular TV series "Gossip Girl", Blake Lively, a successful young actress and a beautiful fresh face, but she is also the new ambassador for Chanel, especifically for their new handbag line "Mademoiselle"!

She was recently photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, for the ad campaign at the Chanel headquarters on the Rue Cambon in Paris.

She has stated: “ Though I am the face of it, I will carry it like every girl. I will always feel it’s more than just a purse. It’s a quilted case full of lipstick, love letters and the dreams and possibilities that I have always felt every time I see that beautiful ‘CC.’"

Check out the Ad Campaign and more photos below, as well as the video Ad and the behind the scenes footage of the photoshoot! She looks amazing!

Some of the bags from the collection.

Some of the bags from the collection.

Don't forget to check out the videos! ;)

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