Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Citrine by the Stones

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I Clearly remember -  And I can perfectly describe the day I stumbled upon an interesting “cart boutique” in a street in downtown Miami. It was in front of a Cristian Louboutin store on NE 40th street, where I first noticed a lot of beautiful people around the cart looking at intriguingly sophisticated pieces of jewelry – I instantly loved it!  Cristian Louboutin was in his store that day signing shoes and he really enjoyed having the small boutique out front.  I asked the women at the cart boutique if they were fixed in this location, but they said no and explained that it was a ‘test drive’, before its inauguration for a fashion charity event with Lauren Bush's and Donna Karan's organizations in New York City. Their plan is for the cart boutique to be used in different parts of Miami and around the world. I was so curious as always, and I soon discovered that there was so much more to this little traveling boutique, than what I could have imagined… CITRINE BY THE STONES!
Photo by Juan Cruz Prats

With glamorous ethnically-inspired designs, it is no coincidence that their jewelry has caught the eye of celebrities such as Beyonce, Oprah, Alicia Keys, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson and Kate Bosworth, as well as celebrity stylists like Patricia Fields, who used many of their pieces in the first Sex and the City movie. A passion for art and design combined with eight years of constant dedication. They've been producing sophisticated pieces, combining gold-plated metals and semiprecious stones such as agate, camelian, and citrine, which are the materials of choice for the sisters who own Citrine by the Stones. 
Joanne and Michelle Stone - Photo by Juan Cruz Prats
Last Week, we went to the Gilt City event in downtown Miami, held at the "By the Stones" Studio, where we had the chance to enjoy the jewelry collections, talk with the designers and we were lucky enough to see a preview of the upcoming 2011 collection. Below is the interview with Joanne Stone, one of the designers and creators of Citrine by the Stones.

Juliana & Joanne - Photo By Jason C. Pease

Juan, Juliana & Joanne - Photo By Jason C. Pease
History, expectations & where to buy:
Paired with good taste, a love for jewelry and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Citrine by the Stones was started by Mary Stone and her two daughters Michelle and Joanne.  This Miami-based jewelry label began as a wholesale business that sold pieces to department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, but they are looking to do more collaborations with different companies and designers and move into more markets, like Brazil.  They are also trying to meet local clients and they are expanding their business into street cart boutiques.  The mobility of the boutiques will allow them to have more direct interaction with clients, and so far it is the most popular promotional activity Citrine by the Stones has hosted.  The mobile boutiques will be featured in fashion events around the US and the world.
Each piece of jewelry is specially designed and produced by the Stones. Each collection is reminiscent of the family’s Peruvian roots and has an ethnic inspiration from their many travels around the world.  According to Michelle Stone, some of the more popular pieces that are requested year after year, were from an earlier collection called "Wire".  The traditional collection includes rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces that use wires to create beautiful designs.  Another popular collection from 2010, Samba, had a Brazilian theme, based on the carnival and is reflected in the names of each piece.
Joanne also gave us a preview of her upcoming collection for 2011, where they were inspired by the bronze age, emphasized in portraying strong women, through the use of distressed and aged metal styles combined with leather. We believe that it is a powerful collection that many women will enjoy!

Michelle & Joanne Stone - Photo By Jason C. Pease
Some photos from the event:
Michelle Stone - Photo By Jason C. Pease

Pilar - Photo By Jason C. Pease
Grace - Photo By Jason C. Pease