Sunday, April 24, 2011


For the one who enjoys Brigadeiro, I recommend Brigaderia! It is always my favorite option for dessert or some sweet to eat and also it was my favorite option for this Easter!!!

This store is amazing! It has the tradicional Brazilian “Brigadeiro”, and moreover in different flavors! Brigaderia is located in different Malls from the city of Sao Paulo. Recently, they opened a new store at Iguatemi Mall and they are also located at the followings Shopping Centers:Higienopolis, Market Place and Paulista. A new store is being opened at Alphaville Iguatemi within two weeks! :)

**Brigadeiro is a Brazilian sweet treat made from sweetened condensed milk, butter and chocolate (powder) that is slowly cooked until it gets a smooth and rich consistency. After it cools down, it's molded into rounded shapes, covered with chocolate sprinkes and placed in mini baking cups....
 I love it! After I arrived in São Paulo, I discovered this store... I have always an excuse in mind for going to a mall that has this store. They recently opened one at Iguatemi Mall and I enjoyed it! ;)

Ovomaltine and lemon “brigadeiros” are my favorite ones! Awesome!!

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