Saturday, February 5, 2011

LF Stores - On sale!

Today starts the winter sale at LF Stores!
This store is awesome! 

Inside the store you won’t believe how many available options there are, and if you leave and come back in an hour you will return to find even more selections that you wouldn’t believe were there an hour ago.  Simply because this place is filled with interesting things, and the moment you visit again you will find even more pieces that you hadn’t see before!  It's almost impossible to get bored or run out of options! Most importantly, LF is a perfect fit for any woman because of its huge variety which allows you to create your own outfit based on your own taste!

Offering very nice brands and beautiful styles, once your inside the store and start looking at the clothes yourself, you will realize that we are not exaggerating at all!  However, don't let the variety overwhelm you!  At first you might think, what a crazy store, cluttered with so many things, and crazy outfits... but that's just to catch your attention. The real style and fashions available are intended to be mixed and the pleasure from shopping at LF comes from getting caught up in everything and being able to match items to your personal taste!

The tip is: Go to LF store on Mizner Park Blvd. in Boca Raton!...But they have LF in so many places too: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, New York, Boston, Los Angeles and more! ;)

Here we have just few pictures of what they had in this last season and "maybe" if you be lucky can find in this sale that is starting!...

Grazy and Sarah - LF Stores - Boca Raton-FL

More press images:

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