Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hair and Face...The Products and the Brands!

Find a few products listed below that we are enjoying!
Check it out! ;)

"It's 10" is a very good hair product! The mask is amazing! You can buy it in the pharmacies and Professional Salons in the US! I use this and LOVE it – but light weight and doesn’t take the volume out of your hair – at least for me.

I love these CHANEL products above! The first one is for hydrating the skin and it is nice to use before putting on  make-up, as it gives a nice texture! The second is a very good foundation that I started wearing in the beginning of this year, and I'm enjoying it so much! The last is a nice natural color of powder blush that I like to use for  natural and light day make-up! ;)

Go Blonder! These shampoos, conditioners and sprays are amazing for anyone interested in a nice lighter color!

In the summer in the U.S, I went to different Pharmacies a lot and I saw that Sheer Blonder is always being a nice alternative to make your hair lighter and shinny! I really liked it! For summertime it is a great option! 

I really like these products above Trish McEvoy and DIORSHOW Extase! They are amazing as mascaras option, however I like to alternate them. The difference I felt between them is that I prefer to use Trish McEvoy everyday during the day because the effect is really good too and because it's so much easier to clean. The way that it goes in your fingers is amazing and it's water proof, so if the water gets in your eyes you don't end up with big black raccoon eyes! For night or for a special occasion I go with both or just Diorshow Extase mascara! 

You can find Trish McEvoy in Neiman Marcus and Diorshow Extase in Saks, Neiman, Duty Frees, etc! ;)

We already mentioned this Revlon Age Defying DNA product  in the Blog before, but now I want to confirm that I am ejoying it soo much! ;) You can find in the Pharmacies in the US (Walgreens, CVS).

For some special occasion or for people who enjoy eyelashes, the Winks By Georgie Beauty are a very good option. Moreover they are a brand new product, which deliver a natural and beautiful look!

 These winks are special because:

“Georgie respects animals, your skin, and the earth, they use safe ingredients infused with organic botanicals and vitamins."
“Best of all, their advanced adhesive is dermatologist-tested and botanically-infused – the first ever – with certified organic blue chamomile to soothe delicate skin while maximizing adhesion. Unlike other adhesives, They never use formaldehyde, parabens, or phthalates. Their adhesive utilizes premium-grade ingredients and new green technology that eliminates most allergy-causing proteins found in other latex products. It’s made in the U.S.”
This product I didn't use yet but I have friends that I saw wearing it in U.S. and I liked!
You can find this product at Neiman Marcus department store!

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