Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wedding In Brazil!

Breathtaking, beautiful and innovative!

These are just a few of the qualities that Entre Nouz can tell readers about the wedding decorations from this ceremony last week!

Designed by Patricia Guimaraes, who planned the wedding and reception impeccably – no detail was forgotten!

For you to better understand, before Patricia’s golden touch, there was nothing. Only empty space. All the construction and urbanization of the venue, including landscaping, were thoughtfully designed and brought in especially for the occasion.

This wedding have been talked about by a lot of people we know from here!
 Here are some pictures, of course in the place is really more beautiful! Enjoy! ;)

At the request of the bride, the ceremony included blue flowers like garden hydrangeas in the outdoor areas.
Everything was eye catching, but the highlights of Patricia’s design include: especially built water features, a giant wall of stones with scenic LED lighting, and an enormous wall of plants (a vertical garden). 

In perfect harmony, Baccarat chandeliers by designer Philippe Starck, onyx tables, jabuticabeiras trees(a kind of fruit tree that bears dark grape-like fruit on its trunk), and a tulip garden that adorned the dessert table, were brought into the design to create more depth and visual appeal. In the actual ceremony, Aubusson tapestries and candle chandeliers with garlands of crystals and pearls surrounded the bride and groom.

One of the best points of Patricia Guimaraes is that she plans each project with total uniqueness! It is very interesting and exciting to see how different her designs are from one another! You never see ideas repeated...

Ideas, beauty and Innovation...Entre Nouz loves these things! 

Images courtesy of Patricia Guimares :)

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